Face Wash Prep Set - 4-Pack Skin Starter Kit

Face Wash Prep Set - 4-Pack Skin Starter Kit

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Give yourself a soothing Helichrysum, Honey Provence Donkey Milk facial!

Removes dirt, makeup and sunscreen. The retinol from fresh, organic, Provence donkey milk helps even your skin tone and leaves your face squeaky clean. Our donkey milk is freshly milked from donkeys rescued from the forest of Provence. Donkeys are in danger of being stolen to breed and milk. Ours live at a donkey sanctuary filled with happy, cared-for donkeys! 

  • Helichrysum, Provence Donkey Milk, Honey Soap. All organic ingredients.
  • Boar-bristle, cedar-handle facial dry brush 
  • Seaweed Exfoliator (Organic)
  • Tea Tree Toner (organic) - Closes pores and soothes. Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Petroleum-Free Glycerin, Lavender, Purified Water. (All organic ingredients.)